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Proof of Humanity, a system combining webs of trust, with reverse Turing tests, and dispute resolution to create a sybil-proof list of humans.

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Your Digital Identity

Digital Government IDs

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Simple and easy to scale.

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Vulnerable to rogue nation states duplicating or censoring identities.

Reverse Turing Tests

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Decentralized and still fairly simple.

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Requires all users to meet at the same time and is vulnerable to AI.

Social Graph Analysis

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Decentralized and easy to scale.

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Very complex and vulnerable to advances in AI.

Proof Of

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Decentralized, AI-resistant, and economically incentivized.

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More complex.

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Start Collecting

UBI Tokens

Universal Basic Income is your right as a human.

Proof Of Humanity is launching with Democracy Earth's UBI Token. Our verified humans will be the first fully decentralized UBI recipients.

We also launched a sustained liquidity provider rewards program. You can provide liquidity in ETH/UBI and DAI/UBI curves on Uniswap and farm a share of UBI rewards minted over the course of a year. Check it out!


Pool 1

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UBI Issuance

1 UBI Token

Per hour for every human.

Pool 2

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Staked ETH/UBI LP Tokens

2M UBI Token

Over the course of a year.

Pool 3

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Staked DAI/UBI LP Tokens

2M UBI Token

Over the course of a year.

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Submit Your Profile

Humans who wish to be included in the registry submit information about themselves serving for verification. Registered profiles collect UBI Tokens.

Vouch For People You Know

Users already in the registry vouch for people registering. By vouching for someone, a user guarantees that the person he vouches for exists and is not a duplicate of another entry in the registry.

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Challenge Suspicious Users

Users can challenge pending submissions that they think don’t comply with the requirements for acceptance. When a submission is challenged, the decision goes to dispute resolution in an ERC792 compliant dispute resolution system like Kleros.

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